wpd Japan K.K.

In January 2018, wpd established “wpd Japan K.K.” in Tokyo with the main business objective to develop onshore wind projects, as well as solar projects.

With its local experts working together with various functions, wpd Japan K.K. is developing wind farms all over Japan.
Our aim is to become one of the top wind developer/IPP (Independent Power Producer) in the area.

That is why we always look for excellent staff and local partners for joint development of wind projects.

Currently, we are developing a combined power generation capacity of over 40 MW onshore wind projects independently, or jointly with our local partners.

Based on our outstanding experiences and technical capabilities, we will develop and operate such wind power generation, which is recognized by the Japanese government to be the “main electric power source in Japan”.

In the future, we also plan to bring into the Japanese market our most competitive services such i.e. Technical O&M (Operations and Maintenance service), Asset Management and fund management.

  • We use the potential power of renewable energy to provide autonomous and sustainable electric power throughout Japan.
  • Giving first priority to cooperate with local communities, such as development of local industry and co-existence with local cultures and traditions, we contribute to improve living standards in the future.
  • Based on our project development experiences and track record, we take advantage of all technical skills, know-how, and expertise to develop wind and PV projects that are expected to grow in Japan.